Valentines Day Flowers

As valentines day rapidly approaches, the nations flower shops are getting ready for their busiest day of the year.  Valentines day is synonymous with red roses and over 100 million roses will be sold worldwide on valentines day.  We’ve got a few tips on buy valentines day flowers that can help you make the right impression without breaking the bank.

1. You have many options, both in terms of which flower and color.  While people naturally assume red roses are the only gift for valentines, there are lots of other options.  If you are buying the flowers in person, have a look at other rose colors or something else entirely (nothing wrong with being unique).

2. The fuller the rose and the longer the stem the more expensive it is.  If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, buy smaller roses with shorter stems.  Remember that not everyone has a vase that will do justice to very long roses.

3. Don’t forget the card!  Once you’ve made your flower selection you can make your valentine feel even more special with a well thought out valentines card and special message.  Put something of yourself into the card, a simple dear X and love Y can be improved on with a few well chosen and appropriate words.

4. It’s not just about the flowers – do something thoughtful for your valentine and make them feel special for the whole day.

Regardless of your choice of flowers and activity for valentines day, the most important thing is not to become the grouch of valentines day, so what if it’s commercial – the purpose it serves is to allow you to make someone else feel special.  Happy Valentines!


10 Weight Loss Tips

Winter months have been reported to be the hardest months to lose weight. This could be due to many different reasons. One reason may be because of the holidays, or maybe we are less active outdoors because of the cold. No matter what the reason, I’m going to give you 10 tips for weight loss that will help no matter what month it is!

10 Tips for Weight Loss- Tip # 1

Get a check up! You should have a complete check up done before staring any diet plan. Your Thyroid Gland could be your culprit, so get a complete check up and make sure you really don’t have a physical problem responsible for your weight gain. Discuss your weight loss plan with your doctor for approval, and maybe even some advice.

10 Tips for Weight Loss- Tip # 2

Make a diet journal, or diet diary! Believe it or not, recording what you are eating and drinking and when you are doing it may be the biggest key. Some people do not even realize how much they are consuming through out the day. By jotting every thing down, you will have a way to study your actions and maybe get to the root of the problem. Keeping track of what you consume is the first step in changing your eating habits.

10 Tips for Weight Loss- Tip # 3

Increase your water intake! Cut out all of the carbonated, sugary, calorie weighted drinks, and replace them with water. Your body needs plenty of water to allow all of your organs to perform properly. Your kidneys have a great responsibility, and they need water in order to carry out their duties of flushing out fat deposits. When the kidneys aren’t given enough water, the liver is then summonsed to work over time! Leaving fat deposits behind!

10 Tips for Weight Loss- Tip # 4

Detoxify! Before you begin your diet, you should try to detoxify your self of impurities. This will leave your body cleansed, and ready to burn fat! Three days of water, fresh vegetables, and fruits should suffice. This will let you see some immediate weight loss, and get you excited for what is to come.

10 Tips for Weight Loss- Tip # 5

Vitamins are also a very important part of weight loss. Did you know that a lack of vitamins can cause cravings? When your body is short on the essential vitamins that it need to function at it’s peak, your weight loss may be slowed to a crawl. Eating well, will insure that you are getting the proper vitamins. You may also choose to replenish your vitamins with a one a day type vitamin.

10 Tips for Weight Loss- Tip # 6

Start your day off right with a sensible, healthy breakfast. This actually revs up your metabolism for the rest of the day. When you don’t eat breakfast, it’s the equivalent to trying to start your car with out any gas. Fueling up in the morning, is a great jump start for your metabolism. You should really try to eat every three hours after that. Not huge meals, just small sensible meals more often. Fiber filled foods will make you feel fuller for a longer period of time.

10 Tips for Weight Loss- Tip # 7

Portion Control! You must cut down on calories in order to lose weight successfully. Did you know that 3,500 calories is equal to one pound of fat? Yep, in order to lose one pound you will have to eat 3,500 calories less. You could shave off some of the excess calories, just by using portion control.

10 Tips for Weight Loss- Tip # 8

Here’s a trick for you, eat slower! You should make each meal last at least 20 minutes. It takes 20 minutes for the stomach to tell the brain that it is full! Most people eat in way less time, which will allow the mind to think it is still hungry. This is a great cause in over eating.

10 Tips for Weight Loss- Tip # 9

Okay, I’m sure you know what’s coming next, right? You guessed it, EXERCISE! You must burn off some of the calories that you are bringing in, to lose weight. Try doing things that are fun, so it doesn’t seem like exercise. This will help you to actually want to do it! Try bowling, or dancing, or maybe even skating! Gardening is also a good way to burn off calories. Taking a brisk walk is a great way to clear the mind, alleviate stress, and burn calories all at the same time. Everyone should get 30 minutes of exercise, at least four times per week in order to help lose weight.

10 Tips for Weight Loss- Tip # 10

Do not focus on the scale! Many people will watch the scale too much. It is a good idea to check the scale once per week. Measure inches instead. Remember you will be exercising, which will help turn some of that fat into muscle. Muscle weighs more on the scale. Start paying attention to how your clothes fit, and how you are beginning to feel instead of the scale.

Visit the weight loss directory for more weight loss tips and to find weight loss centers.


Finding a vet

Finding a vet for your pet is a fairly simple thing if you live in a city of any reasonable size. Finding the right vet can be a little trickier. While most vets will be well qualified to carry out simple procedures on any of the most common pets there are times when even simple things should be taken to a vet that is particularly suited to your animal. If you have an exotic species that isn’t commonly found in most homes while most veterinarians will probably have basic knowledge of them they may not know the most up-to-date information regarding health and general care. In some cases that can be deadly for your pet. Veterinarians are only human, even though they have a lot of training and are always trying to do their best they can not know everything. It is very important no matter what kind of pet you own that you do research that is specific to the health and care of your particular type of animal. Knowing what variances there are and also what ‘old knowledge’ exists that has been proven wrong can be of great benefit when visiting a veterinarian. Never be afraid to speak up and tell a vet that something is incorrect. If you do it with respect and understanding most veterinarians will appreciate the information to further their own knowledge and help you better as well.

If you live in rural areas where veterinarians can be few and far between it is even more important to have a vet lined up well in advance of any need. Besides regular checkups and health visits you need to be prepared for any emergencies that may arise and know where in your area you can go off hours to receive care for your pet. Most major cities have emergency clinics set up that either are self-staffed or have rotating area veterinarians on call during times when normal clinics are closed. Pets have a way of getting hurt or sick just when everything is closed so knowing the procedure for getting them in to a vet fast is important.

While the local phone book may be a good resource for finding the right vet for your pet if you have exotic species or avian species you may want specialists who are well versed in their particular care. Searching online for specialists in your pet’s care is a good way to find those veterinarians although you may have to travel a bit further to get to them than your clinic down the street.

No matter what veterinarian you choose always be sure you feel comfortable with them. Set up a visit for a health check up and get to know them and to get a feel for how your pet reacts to them as well. When you pet is healthy is the best time to find out if a veterinarian is right for you. You do not want to have to find out you don’t agree with a vet’s manners or practices when you are fighting for your pet’s life in an emergency.

The most important element in your pet’s health care is you—you are the first line of defense. No one knows your pet better than you do. Keep an eye out for any changes in habits, and attitudes in your pet so that you can quickly spot problems that may be starting. Never ignore when an animal doesn’t seem ‘right’. They can’t tell you when they are feeling bad and by the time bigger symptoms begin it may be too late to help them. Get them to a veterinarian as soon as possible so that you can keep your beloved pet in the best health possible.


Office Supplies – Tips to Saving Money

5 Great Tips To Saving Money on Your Office Supplies If you run your own business, you are already fully aware of how expensive it can be keeping up with requirements of office supplies – regardless of the size of your company. It doesn’t matter whether you are running operations from a home office, or you manage property in a high rise executive building downtown, office supplies are costly requirement of doing business – and it doesn’t even matter what career you are in. Luckily you’ve found this article however, which is your guide to Saving Money on Your Office Supplies.

Tip #1: Buy in bulk whenever possible. This one is a no-brainer, and it is a probably a method you are already utilizing as it is, but if you are not then this is a great way to start Saving Money on Your Office Supplies. Large reams of paper can be purchased at a much lower cost than several smaller packs of paper, and pens or pencils can be bought hundreds or even thousands at a time to maximize the amount of money you can save just by buying in bulk the office products that your company needs.

Tip #2: Place your order online. If this is an option, many times ordering bulk office supplies on the World Wide Web is a great way to go about Saving Money on Your Office Supplies. In some cases you may be able to avoid local sales tax in your area, and many popular office supply websites will not even charge you shipping and handling fees if your order meets a specific minimum amount. You will also cut back on your company’s fuel expenses since you won’t need to drive to the store and pick these things up, and you will also save some valuable time, as well.

Tip #3: Buy refillable ink cartridges. Printer ink and toner can be very costly, and depending on the exact type of business you are running, these costs may even make up the majority of your company’s budget. Instead of replacing your old ink cartridges with brand new ones every time they run empty, you’ll simply be able to refill them yourself. This will help tremendously with Saving Money on Your Office Supplies, and it will also help to save our environment and space in our nation’s landfills as you won’t be throwing out dozens or even hundreds of empty ink cartridges every single year.

Tip #4: Write off all of your company’s office supplies as business expenses. As long as you are using everything strictly for business purposes, writing them off on your taxes at the end of the year is the best thing you can do when Saving Money on Your Office Supplies. In fact, as long as you make sure to save receipts and keep good records of all the office supplies you have purchased over the year, come tax time you’ll be basically be able to consider them free supplies.

Tip #5: Frequent local and online auctions. All of the above tips work great for Saving Money on Your Office Supplies such as pens and paper, but that is not all there is when it comes to office supplies. If you are looking for discounts on filing cabinets, whiteboards, office chairs and tables, digital projectors or nearly anything else that you might need an office, auctions are a great place to find them. It doesn’t matter whether you are watching the online auction scene or you are actually participating in auctions in person and in your own town, you can find some great office supplies and equipment here for next to nothing.

Click here to find a local office supply company.


Tips on writing a resume

Tips on Writing a Good Resume If the thought of writing a resume makes your blood pressure rise you are not alone. Your time is precious and you know that a poorly written resume is not worth the paper that it’s written on, so some level of anxiety is to be expected. The good news is there are plenty of resources at your local library, bookstores, as well as on the web that will assist you in this process. You can also employ a resume service company to help you with the task.

Here are some tips that I pulled from various sources that helped me when I wrote my resume.

Tailor your resume to fit the job you are applying for
It seems obvious, but you would be surprised to see how many people turn in the same generic resume for every job that they apply for. Read the job posting carefully it tells you exactly what the employer is looking for; your job is to highlight your relevant skills that mirror the ones in the posting. If you take the time to write down all of your accomplishments beforehand, it will be easier to match them up when you sit down to construct your resume.

Keep it short and sweet
A resume is not meant to be your autobiography, it is meant to get you an interview by introducing you to your potential employer. In most cases you should be able to fit your resume on a single page; it should highlight your most relevant credentials. Prospective employers aren’t interested in everything you have ever done just the things that qualify you for the position that they are attempting to fill.

Use short concise phrases
Your resume should not read like a book with long wordy paragraphs. Remember human recourses are purging through hundreds of resumes each day, they are limited on time. If you use a bulleted sentences with key words that stand out you are more likely to get your resume read, and your point across.

Proofread then proofread again and again
Nothing will get your resume thrown in the trash faster than typos, so it is imperative that you take the time to proofread. Never write your resume and proofread it in the same sitting. Write your resume than come back to it later and proofread it when your mind is fresh. Once you feel that you have gotten it perfect, walk away from it and come back later to proofread it again, if you find any mistakes repeat the process a third time. Finally, give it to somebody else to proofread for you.

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What is a notary?

Notary Public is a servant of the state government and those requiring a legal witness to legal documents such as living wills, depositions, certain financial statements and often non-verbal court testimony.

The duty of a Notary is to read all documentation and insure that it meets with legal standards as set forth by the originator, to place upon the document the Notary seal and forthwith the signature of the Notary, the date and to witness any co-signers of such documentation.

Notary seals are obtained through a state or county office and require the signature of a specifying official, usually the State Treasurer. The fee to become a Notary is minimal. A Notary may charged for the services for each individual requiring Notary services. Most Notaries keep their fees minimal at the suggestion of their state office in order for Notaries to be readily affordable.

To become a Notary, an application must first be obtained through a state agency usually located at the county seat. Once the application is completed by the individual wishing to become a Notary, it is then forwarded to the State treasury department where it is reviewed and approved. There may be a fee for this initial step. It is usually returned in the mail within a period of 30 days and must then be taken to the County seat for final approval and payment of Notary fee.

A Notary must keep their certification visible at all times when Notarizing any document or acting as witness. A Notary Seal can be purchased from a local office supply store or online. The seal is the guarantee of the legality of the witnessing of the document signing. The certification of a Notary expires every five years. So, it must then be renewed via the same process.

It’s always advisable for Notaries to obtain membership in the Notary Associations and Societies so that any changes to legal duties for Notaries is always available. It’s important to know all of the legal responsibilities of a Notary. If a document is not properly notarized, the Notary can be fined or lose their Notary certification.

Please visit the notary directory to find a notary near you.


Finding a good removal company

They say that moving home is amongst the most stressful things you’ll ever do.  The list of things to do is endless, not to mention the stress of it all going through and you being able to handover the keys of your old property and move into your new one.  Yet, we know it’s not all over.  Once the solicitors have finished there work, it’s time for the removals men.  I’ve had the experience 4 times in my life so far, and while it’s not something you look forward to on the whole I’ve been satisfied.  Anyway after this experience I’d make the following suggestions

1) Quotations – Moving all the items in your home is a big job, so expect any decent company to come round and take a look at whats involved.  Now obviously when you start calling a large number of removals companies you’re going to be getting a large number of visitors.  With online quotations you can often get a guesstimate of what something might cost – but if money is an important consideration, get them round, let them see and go from there.

2) Insurance – Your items are likely to be subjected to more stress/potential for damage during the period of the move than they would normally.  I’d certainly suggest pointing out fragile items.  I had the glass broken on a pocket watch my grandfather gave to me, while it wasn’t especially valuable, it was quite upseting (I was much younger then, I’d take it in my stride now).  Any decent company is going to have insurance – which is even more important if your items are going into storage.

3) Professional Accredations – While it’s no guarantee in itself, knowing that your removals company is the member of an association provides some piece of mind.  If your mover is part of the British Association of Removers (BAR), then it’s a good indication that they have certain standards and adhere to a code of practice.  A third party like BAR also helps in the event of a dispute – we’ve all had problems with a company – and when they just aren’t listening it’s very frustrating.  It’s better to have a third party involved at times like this.

For a listing of removal services in the uk visit


Law Dictionary and Directory

After several weeks of long nights the law dicitonary is finally back online, we’ve also made some big changes to the lawyers directory and have a lot more to add in the coming months. Sadly, people often need to quickly obtain the services of a lawyer when they find themselves in a unfortunate situation. For example, in the event of a criminal proceeding or a case related to family law, like divorce. Obviously, it’s essential to get the best possible representation, but it’s often difficult to make sensible decisions when you feel like their is a lot of pressure to get represenation as soon as possible. If you have the luxury of time to make your decision, then it’s worth speaking to a few lawyers and to speak to friends/family about any recommendations they may have.


Buying a Telephone System for a Small business

Getting an engaged tone when you call a business is a very bad start.  If your during your ‘research mode’ part of the buying cycle it’s possible you’ll never call them again.  I found that this was happening to my business. Obviously larger business usually have very sophisticated telephone systems capable of handling multiple incoming calls, but the costs of such telephone systems can be very high.  I had a look at a few telephone systems and it seemed that the cheapest was over $1000 including an upgrade of all my telephone extensions.  In the end, I found a cheaper albeit without some of the benefits of a full telephone system by getting my telephone carrier to install a multiline package – so if one phone was engaged another would ring.  This obviously misses out on the various call handling options you have with a sophisticated telephone system but I felt it was a good start.  Furthermore, if I decide to upgrade to a full telephone system in the future I already have the extra line  and it’s simply a case of buying the box and having it installed.  If you business is predominantly transacted over the phone then I think it’s essential to have a sophisticated telephone system.  Now by sophisticated I don’t mean expensive – just one that does what you need with a bit of room for expansion – whatever you opt for, anything is better than the engaged tone.


Insurance Directory

Insurance has always provided a way of transferring the risk of numerous activities to other people for a price.  Historically, insurance was provided for merchant vessels.  That way, the owner of a ship could mitigate against the danger of a ship getting lost.  Thus the concept of paying for insurance was born in the coffee shops of london, hundreds of years ago.  Insurance, has continued to become more and more sophisticated, both in terms of how risk is measured and how risk is transferred among market participants.  Huge, reinsurers such as Swiss Re, Munich Re and Berkshire Hathaway actually take lines of insurance from other market participants and reinsure them for potentially huge claims.  For example, if you have an accident in your car, if the value of the claim is small, it’s likely to be handled by your insurance company.  However, very occasionally even car accidents can result in huge claims.  For example there was an accident involving a truck in the Mont Blanc tunnel several years ago, this resulted in the tunnel being closed and the resulting claim was in the millions.  Insurers, purchase reinsurance specifically with these huge claims in mind.  By giving away some of their premium, they can reduce the volatility of their earnings while giving away some profitability.

Over the years insurance has continued to evolve, such that you can now obtain cover for a wide vareity of risks in your life.  Car insurance, life insurance and home insurance are amongst the most popular, but the market now provides niche insurance such as wedding insurance and pet insurance.  A new site provides a huge searchable database of insurance specialists in the USA.


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